Tuesday, 16 June 2009

It's my birthday today - we won't mention any numbers cos this decade seems to be passing by all too quickly! The house is quiet once again - everyone has gone back home. When Fi gets back from York we are going to Helmsley for Lunch and then a wander around Rieveaux Abbey weather permitting.

Monday, 15 June 2009

We have had a very busy weekend with lots of family guests staying for the 65th Wedding Anniversary celebrations. All went well - lovely weather, great food, plenty to eat and drink! Most of all much appreciated by Jaqui and Sydney.

Friday, 12 June 2009

This weekend is the 65th Wedding Anniversary celebrations for Fiona's parents. Two sisters and one partner arrived from France yesterday, and the other sister and brother et al are arriving tomorrow.
At the York Minster Broders we are just embarking on a new nave altar frontal, a green one, designed by Malcolm Lockhead. This last year we have been receiving the design in stages and have been sampling. Now we are framed up and the design has been transferred to the fabric.

Because the frame is so large and it is impossible to reach to the centre of it, we have to have people lying under the frame to push the needle back up - a bit of a slow job, especially if they get too comfortable and fall asleep!!

As regards Stained Glass, I have just finished a piece which has been on view at the Theatre Royal, York the last few weeks. It is a pannel about 24" square and incorporates some slices of agate which I had. The design grew round them. Now I just have to think what to do with it......................................................................
Thought I had better mention where I am up to in my various ventures and post a few pics - perhaps I can then stop deleting the blog addy at the bottom of my emails cos I'm embarrassed by there being nothing here to look at!!

This is a picture of the first piece I have made incorporating my embroidery with stained glass skills I have acquired during the last three years on the course I am attending at York College - one more year to go.
It's called Connections I

This is Connections II and was made to exchange with my friend Carol. She has made me a lovely silver pin.

This is Feathers.

It was again made for an exchange of work with another member of the Ebor Group - Shenagh, and I have wonderful piece of work on my wall that she made for our 'Lines of Communication' exhibition.

All these pieces will be on show at the City of York Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild Exhibition in the Guildhall, York next weekend 19th, 20th, 21st June.

Well, its been along time since I created this blog and I've done absolutely nothing with it since. I broke my arm acouple of weeks ago, so am searching around for things I can do to keep me occupied - getting this going properly being one.

Since breaking my arm I've been to visit family in Renfrew. My cousin Angela and her husband Ric are over here from South Africa visiting their son Marc, and daughter Caryn and grandchildren James and Elizabeth, not to mention their dad Charlie. I had a great couple of days with them in the two day summer we had last week. The pic shows Angela with James and Elizabeth, who is teething on a juice bottle!