Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Progress Report

Iv'e been working hard on the commission, and one side is just about finished. A few minor details remain to be completed later.

The second side has been started. I hope this won't take as long as the first. I clocked up about 90 hours on that.



Sorry I missed writing last weekend, but I was in Birmingham at the Embroiderers' Guild AGM. This year it was a one day event instead of the usual long weekend. It was enjoyable nonetheless, meeting up with old friends and familiar faces in particular. It was a crammed day, beginning with an excellent talk by Bobby Britnell, and followed by the business meeting. I was expecting some fireworks, but the meeting was well chaired by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn who set the right tone, and it all passed most amicabably. A shortened lunch break was followed by the awards ceremony, which included two presentations from last years' guild scholars. We then had the second talk of the day, this time by Jennifer E Hall, which was equally as good as the first.


The new library in Birmingham is an amazing building. I only wish I'd had more time to explore.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015


This is the picture I spoke of above.




Sunday seems to have come round very quickly, and although I have been busy most of the week, I don't seem to have got very much done!

First, an update on the commission -

Slow progress, but progress at least.

It was our last session at Broderers at York Minster on Tuesday, and it was a rather sad occasion as we said a very fond farewell to our Head Broderer of many years, Jennifer Solomon. All who could arrived for a goodbye lunch and presentation. For the last few weeks we had been secretly planning and working on an appropriate gift, which was presented to her.

We had each worked several sections of a photo of a newly restored panel from the east window, and they had been mounted in an antique printer's tray. We could chose any technique we liked, and there is a good mixture. As you can imagine, it was very well received indeed.

On Thursday I looked after the children next door, and was initiated into the mysteries of the Wii and Wii U. I was absolutely hopeless at playing any of the games, and kept having to be rescued by a six year old and a three year old! The six year old managed to keep an eye on me, his little brother, and still win!

I have also been working on a piece I hope to be exhibiting with the Ebor Group in Beverley. I have a photo of this which I cannot access at the moment, so I'll post it later.

Happy Easter everyone!


Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Fresh Start!

Inspired by my friend Jo, who regularly keeps up her blog, I have decided it is high time I took myself in hand! So, I am intending to start my blog again, with the intention of writing it once a week, posting onSundays whenever I can. Feel free to tell me off if I relapse!

I have quite a few things on my creative plate at the moment, but I'll start today with my latest commission which is a stole for an ordinand who is being ordained at Petertide this year (towards the end of June), so I have very little time to complete it. Fabrics etc have been purchased, and I have spent much of this week framing up, preparing and transferring the design. I am ready to begin stitching this afternoon. The photos below show the design being transferred to the fabric by the traditional 'prick and pounce' method.

It looks very messy, but once the tracing paper is removed and the dots joined up, then the design is easy to follow.


Now, many hours of stitching to put in! Come and have a look next Sunday to see how I am getting on.