Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Fresh Start!

Inspired by my friend Jo, who regularly keeps up her blog, I have decided it is high time I took myself in hand! So, I am intending to start my blog again, with the intention of writing it once a week, posting onSundays whenever I can. Feel free to tell me off if I relapse!

I have quite a few things on my creative plate at the moment, but I'll start today with my latest commission which is a stole for an ordinand who is being ordained at Petertide this year (towards the end of June), so I have very little time to complete it. Fabrics etc have been purchased, and I have spent much of this week framing up, preparing and transferring the design. I am ready to begin stitching this afternoon. The photos below show the design being transferred to the fabric by the traditional 'prick and pounce' method.

It looks very messy, but once the tracing paper is removed and the dots joined up, then the design is easy to follow.


Now, many hours of stitching to put in! Come and have a look next Sunday to see how I am getting on.




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