Thursday, 14 January 2010

This has been our world since Christmas. 'Snow on snow'.
I think we have managed to get out a couple of times, but most of the time we have stayed in and safe. We did venture out on Saturday last, but had to abandon the car at the farm next door and walk back home, with as much shoppping as we could carry, through drifts in our track which were two or three feet deep.
It has been extremely pretty though and good for photography.
I went up for the post today and saw some tracks I didn't recognise. I took a photo of them on my phone and have identified it as being a badger.

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Khris said...

OMG Shirley how gorgeous is that. I envy you and the snow you girls get. I know its probably not so nice you having to leave the car and walk in it though but it is beautiful..hugs Khris in hot Oz