Friday, 17 July 2009

Catching Up!

  • Gosh, time goes so quickly! In the last12 days I have -

    Had a meeting with Celia, Liz and Sara about designing a set of Deacon's stoles for Liz who was ordained this month. Sara has some very exciting ideas and I'm really looking forward to working on them. Watch this space for further developments.

  • Went for another meeting to look at a replacement banner job. Awfully big and complicated - it will take a long time to work, but it would be interesting to do. I have put in an estimate so we'll just wait and see.

  • Our Embroderers Guild Branch awards a busary every year to a textile student from the York Area. I have been asked to be on the sub committee and we had a selection meeting to choose this years winner. We had four candidates and eventually decided to give our preffered student the ammount she had applied for and still hade enough to give a smaller bursary to a student whose work we liked and wanted to encourage.

  • Been to an Ebor Group Meeting. Ebor is a group of nine textile artists who work as a group with a mentor and exhibit in various places around where we live. We are very fortunate to have the textile artist Hilary Bower as our mentor and we meet with her five or six times a year. This was a 'non Hilary day' so we each did our own thing - or not as the case maybe!

  • On Sunday last I spent the afternoon at Bridlington Priory. demonstrating for the Broderers. There was a textile exhibition there and we had been invited to exhibit and demonstrate. The work was much admired.

  • Today we have visitors. Fi's neice Sophie graduated from York University yesterday with a first class Honours BA. we have been out for a celebratory lunch and her mum Tricia and sister Fleur are staying with us tonight whilst Sophie goes out on the town for the last time in York. We are all going to see the new Harry Potter film in Pocklington.

Me, Fiona, Fi's mum,Sophie, Fleur, Tricia

Tomorrow I am again demonstrating for the Broderers. This time in York Minster for the Henry Xlll family day.

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Cath Ü said...

Hi Shirley..... How did you enjoy the Harry Potter movie...????

Maree took me for my birthday back in July and I loved it.. I am a huge fan...LOL
Cath Ü