Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Weekend + Success!!

On Saturday Fi's sister Susie and partner Richard came on their way back from the NE, and stayed the night. It was a flying visit and they left on Sunday morning in time for us to get ready to go to my friend's son's christening. They live in a small village in the Lower Derwent Valley called Seaton Ross. Matthew is nearly one, but he fitted the beautiful Christening gown that Cluny had made for her daughter Lucy three years ago. The service was very informal and beautifully conducted for the benefit of all the children there. The vicar made them all feel very important. Fortunately the weather held off long enough to have the bar-b-que in the garden and for the children to let of steam outside. It was fascinating watching all the children playing and interacting with each other - I don't think one tear was shed - amazing!

I said earlier in my blogg that I had submitted my 'Connections I' textile/glass piece for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Exhibition to be held at the Platform Gallery, Clitheroe throughout September. Yesterday I had a letter to say that it has been accepted so I am feeling really happy about that. My friend Diana Barrett submitted three pieces and has had two of them accepted so we shall take them over together as she had work their last year and knows the way!!

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