Monday, 20 July 2009

My Weekend

I've had a really interesting and most enjoyable weekend.

On Saturday morning Chris B and I went to the Minster to take part in the Henry X lll Family Day. There were activities available with a Tudor theme - making a 'God's Eye', Calligraphy writing with quills, herbs, brass rubbing and us! We took quite a few of the small pieces we have worked based on fragments of stained glass, for display and one of the kneelers we are working currently. We were encouraging people to put in a few stitches for us and after a slow start we did no work at all and just supervised the visitors. People were very happy to put in a couple of stitches and liked to think that they had left their mark in the Minster in a small way. The Minster Volunteers were especially keen and we had a constant flow of them at our table. Although I took my camera. I forgot to take photos - sorry! After the Minster I took all the pieces of glass I have painted ready for a mirror for my bedroom, up to my tutor's to be fired. Watch this space.

Yesterday morning I went to the Minster again to the 10.00am service. This was the last Sunday for the Precentor, Rev Jeremy Fletcher, who is moving to Beverley Minster. Jeremy was the Broderers line manager and our closest link with the Minster.

Then on to York Dolly Birds. This is a group of like minded mad people who make art dolls in their spare time. I don't seem to have much spare time nowadays so don't get much done at the moment, but we have a great crowd there and I really enjoy the company. Chris B had set us a challenge a few months ago to make a doll based on a fish and yesterday was the due date. There was a lovely collection of fishy dolls.

If you would like to see individual photos go to Chris B's Blog (see top of page).

One of our members, Helen, is the manager of Yorkshire Museum in Abbey Gardens. She has asked if we would display dolls on a Viking theme at next years Jorvik Festival in February. So, after an early lunch we walked down to the museum for a private guided tour of the museum's Viking collection to inspire us. We were priviledged to be able to then go and observe some of the collection close up and even handle some of the artifacts with our white cotton gloves on. We felt very honoured - thank you Helen. Now I just have to get the brain working for a good idea!

Got back to our meeting room and there the weekend ended for me cos I was seeing two of everything with zig-zag black and white lines round the edge. Many of you will know the signs - a migraine approaching! So I took tablets and once my eyes were OK, drove home.


ChrisBea said...

Hi Shirls - just checked your blog after I had completed mine where we are both recording the same events - you are much more precise than me Chris

Khris said...

Well hello there stranger..nice to see you out here in blogland..hugs Khris