Thursday, 2 July 2009

Well, my pot is off my arm, but it is not as good as I had hoped. It's still very painful and swollen. The doc said it will be painful for another few weeks and swollen until Christmas! I'm hoping to try it out seriously with some work next week .

Had a frantic week last week. My pot came off on Tuesday then I paid a visit to Broderers and took Fiona out to lunch for her Birthday which was on Wednesday.

Unfortuanately we had to go to a fueral on Fi's birthday. Her Aunt Jill has died at the age of 99 1/2 . She lived the other side of Hexham so it was a long day but a lovely drive up and a nice service celebrating the life of a lovely lady. We ended the bay with a birthday dinner at our frinds Celia and Bill's. It was also Bills birthday and Fiona's sisters too .

Thursday I was ic the hanging of the York Embroiderers'Guild exhibition at the Guildhall in York. Another long day but we got it up and thought it looked well in the space.

The exhibition was on for three days and as far as I know as yet, was a success. The first two days were very busy and Sunday rather quiet but hopefully we have raised enough to put some more money into our Acorn Fund which we use to award Bursaries to Textile students from our area.

I sneaked off on Friday - to the Woolfest. This is a show to do with fibres, mainly wool of course, and is held at the sheep auction market in Cockermouth, Cumbria. There is everything there you could imagine from the animals themselves right through to the finished products of amazing craftsmen and women plus everything you might need to have a go yourself. A wonderful day but another long journey and very tiring in the heat. Well worth it though!

I'm having a rest this week after all that!

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